What is this book about?

How to use writing for discovering what is truly bothering you and boosting your happiness levels day by day. You will learn to apply a formula for using writing as therapy and get the result you are looking for: living a happy life.


How you can use writing to heal from a traumatic experience


How is writing related to mindfulness and how it makes you more present


The step-by-step formula for using writing as a daily practice to increase happiness

The launch event for my book “Write Your Way To Happiness” in Romania has filled me with so much love and gratitude.

I was asked several times on the night if I was nervous. I checked in with myself and I wasn’t.

Because it was all feeling so right and I was surrounded by so much love from dear people I hadn’t seen in so long and from people I had just met.

I felt truly blessed and there is no better way to express it than with a huge THANK YOU 

What readers say


I enjoyed reading this book. It's a nice easy read with some very useful tips on why we should all write. For example, as soon as you wake up write down your thoughts or the dreams you had. All in all this is a book worth reading to get you kick started into the reasons why writing can be so therapeutic and lead you on your way to more happiness :)


This is a very easy to read book with lots of useful tips to help you on the path to happiness. A lot of what the author says resonates with me and there's new things to try too. She shares her own personal stories too which always makes for an interesting read.

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